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Redfern Enterprises leads North America in the art of professional marketing and demonstrating. We proudly represent the Eurosteam line of products, as well as multiple household helpers, rest, relaxation, health and fitness products, including Panasonic Massage Chairs.

Our cutting edge products fall into the following 3 categories:

Health and Fitness: We all know that if we look after our daily health and fitness routines we will look better, feel better and are in better health. However, regularly our lives become too busy to go to the gym or take the time for daily walks. We can then turn to equipment that we can easily store in our homes to access whenever we do have the time. Redfern Enterprises has combined a collection of household items to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle when things get busy. Our luxurious and therapeutic Panasonic Massage Chairs are perfect anytime. It's like having your own personal massage therapist, whenever you need it and all in the comfort of your own home. Our Panasonic Massage Chairs are a blissful way to start or end each day. The newest generation of Panasonic Massage Chairs have a variety of preset programs and programs you can customize for anyone. Take care of yourself first and realize your dream of a daily massage. We also carry the Squirrel Revolution Massage Pillow and the all new BackPlus® Hands On Active Massage Pad, both of which fit easily onto any standard chair so you can enjoy a massage while you are at work or resting at home. Both offer a way to have a quick and portable massage that is area specific to ease and relax tight or tired muscles. These handy massagers are also the perfect size for travel so you can be just as comfortable away as you are at work or home. New to Redfern Enterprises is a special massager for you the BackPlus® Squirrel Mini Massager. For years customers have been contacting us asking if we had the Squirrel Handheld Massager as it was a top seller for years and years and we would always have to say no and that we would not be able to get the massager any longer. All that has changed with the arrival of the new top seller, the BackPlus® Squirrel Mini Massager. It comes with 5 massage heads and a multi speed motor to meet all of your specific massage needs. Looking to lose a few pounds or tighten up your abs? We have two ways to help with that. The BallBike is an at home powerhouse that provides a core and cardio workout that is a fun way to get fit. With BallBike you rock, roll and bounce your way through a core and cardio workout like none other. To focus on your core ab muscles as an add on to your gym workouts or a way to start a new routine at home we have the U-Slender which use electro muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to tone, firm, shape, tighten and strengthen your ab muscles. Easy to use and results to be seen when used consistently at home or away to enhance your core strength.

Household Helpers: We here at Redfern know that at times chores around the home can become tedious and take up our valuable time. We have collected numerous products that enable everyone to cut their time spent on chores. We have our amazing Eurosteam® Evolution Iron that shoots 50 pounds of steam pressure enabling you to iron both sides of your fabric or through multiple layers in one pass. We also have the NEW Eurosteam® Next Generation Steaming Iron that has 1800W of power to speed up your ironing and get you done faster. To really complete your ironing details you need the all new Eurosteam® Euro Board that can be transformed to meet your ironing needs. We also have the amazing Eurosteam® Multi Pro Steamer that allows you to clean and disinfect all parts of your home with the power of steam. Our fabulous 360 mop, is perfect for mopping or dusting and features a dehydration spinner so you no longer have to get your hands wet or bend over to ring out your mop. We also have the new Rocket Ratchet Mop which uses a ratchet system to wring out the water so your mop head can be as wet or dry as you need. You can use our I-pig to listen to your favorite tunes. Don't let this little piggies cuteness fool you, he is a power 5 speaker charging and docking station for all of your music, video game systems and computers. Getting ready for your evening out? Clean your jewelry in the Ultrasonic Cleaner to restore their shine or you can use it daily on a variety of items. Is there a room in your home that could use some heating? Check out our Portable Heaters for small spaces or get more use out of your garage and patio with our indoor/outdoor UFO Infrared Heaters. Whether you choose our 360 mop, Eurosteam® Evolution Iron, or one of our Eurosteam® Multi Pro Steamer, you will finally love to do chores as they will take up less of your time, save you money and have you enjoying more of the things that you would rather be doing. At Redfern we have economically friendly and environmentally safe products that do not require harsh chemicals to clean your home as well as safe money saving heating products. All designed with you in mind, check us out, you will be glad you stopped by!

Rest And Relaxation:
We at Redfern know that life is busy and each year it seems to get busier. School, family, work and other commitments occupy the day and leave no time to just sit back and relax. We know that rest and relaxation is very important as it enables us to live a healthier and happier life. We have searched the globe for various products that enable everyone to take the time to relax whether it be in the shower using our ShowerMe® or the Aqua-Jet®showerhead, getting a massage with either of our Panasonic MA70/MA10 massage chairs, listening to calming music on our I-pig or getting a good night rest with our Silk Impressions® Pillows or luxurious line of Silk Impressions® 100% Silk products. Allow yourself to relax and unwind with one of our amazing therapeutic Handheld Massagers.

Whatever you are in the mood for Redfern has a product that will ensure that you can sit back and relax. Take the time, you are worth it!