With great appreciation, we are very happy with how the 2017 Edmonton Renovation Show turned out. Not only was the venue clean and well-lit, it showcased a wide range of products and companies all relating to the renovation industry. We also really noticed an increase in local advertising and social media from last year. And, I think this attributed to an overall higher attendance for the show and, in turn, increased lead generation for us exhibitors. All in all, the show was great and it really seemed like there was "buzz" in the air throughout the entire weekend. Many thanks!

-John Bakker, Duxton Windows & Doors

Our experience working an event organized by this company in the past generated a very positive experience. This was the first year your company did the Reno show.  Since last year was not that great this was going to be a trial and it surpassed our expectations generating sales more than double from the previous year.  Since I represent a party plan company I also had an increase in interest for the business as well as home parties. We had fun.

-Stella Slywka, Epicure

Very happy to see that the Reno show was well advertised on TV and radio. We have done this show for the last 4 years and this is the highest volume of visitors to date. Very impressed!

-Dave Stanley-Smith, First Call Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

Well run and organized show. Particularly impressed with the efforts to promote the show and the good attendance.

-Cal Tebb, Home Style Construction