When Renovations Go Wild

Dec 04, 2017
Renovations aren't always about kitchens and bathrooms. Occasionally animals need renovated homes, too! This year, along with the Valley Zoo Development Society (VZDS), the Edmonton Valley Zoo began their “Nature's Wild Backyard” project. The renovations on the Red Panda habitat and the Urban Farm will create a unique environment for visitors to experience the world in the same way the animals live in the habitat: Under, Between, On and Above the surface.


As a friend and partner of the Zoo, VZDS has supported the Zoo in their education, conservation and sustainability efforts in Edmonton and are excited and proud to be taking a lead role in the Zoo’s new sustainable renovation! We are looking forward to having VZDS as a partner for the 2018 Edmonton Renovation Show, where attendees will not only learn more about their upcoming renovation, they may even get to meet a furry friend or two!

With the original footprint of the ‘Storyland Valley Zoo’ being transformed into an interactive space featuring animal experiences in their most natural setting, one of the main challenges of renovating within the Zoo is that it actually remains open to the public during this time. In some cases, animals have to be relocated. Not only is the animals’ home being renovated, but another area within the Zoo also have to be renovated to temporarily house the animals! There are a lot of moving parts.


For this project the Edmonton Valley Zoo, which is an accredited zoo, is required to utilize both a local architect firm and a Zoo-specific architect firm to manage the design of both new structures and renovations. The Zoo professionals work very closely with the design experts throughout the process. As a result of the initial renovation on the Zoo’s Arctic Shores habitat in 2012, the Zoo was honoured with 3 out of 4 awards for Zoos in Canada, including Top Animal Care. The Red Pandas will be very excited to explore and live in their new habitat and everyone is eagerly waiting to see how much they love their new home!

Photo credit: Jason Aalders

With over 400,000 visitors to the Zoo in 2015 and 2016, VZDS is excited to take part in the Edmonton Renovation Show, happening January 26-28, 2018 at the Edmonton Expo Center. Come and ask questions, learn more and see exactly how they are meeting the challenge of renovating a Zoo habitat! To learn more, visit: buildingourzoo.com/revitalization. And stay tuned to learn how we'll be working with the Edmonton Valley Zoo to make the 2018 Edmonton Renovation Show a bit more wild!
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