Welcome to the Exhibitor Kit

The Exhibitor Kit will not be printed or mailed to you. We're reducing our paper trail by sending out our information by email or posting items on our website. Follow our step by step instructions below to assure you have a well organized, successful show.


Toyota Canada is the Official Automotive Sponsor of the Edmonton Home + Garden Show. There are to be no vehicles allowed on the show floor without permission from management. 

***REMINDER: You must purchase electrical for your booth display through ShowTECH. Please see Section 5 below for more information.***


Exhibitor Access:
Friday, January 26 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm 8 AM
Saturday, January 27 10:00 am - 9:00 pm 9 AM
Sunday, January 28 10:00 am - 6:00 pm 9 AM

Exhibitor access to the show floor is only allowed 1 HOUR prior to show open on show days with your exhibitor badge.

Quick show facts!
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Please review the following instructions here to upload your companies online exhibitor listing. If you have any questions regarding the online exhibitor listing, please email Keely.


Edmonton Expo Centre
7515 – 118 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5B 4X5


Hall C Show Office
P: 780.471.7201 or 780.471.7204

**Marketplace Events team is ONLY at this location during the week of the Show: Wednesday, January 24 - Monday, January 29, 2018.


2018 Show Rules & Regulations
2018 Customs Letter Coming Soon!

Show Checklist
Form Details Deadline
Exhibitor Badge Order Form All Exhibitors need to display their badge on show days to gain admittance to the show floor.Replacements are $10 each if badge is lost or left in booth. Jan 8, 2018
Exhibitor Listing You will not be listed on our website as an exhibitor unless you submit your listing.Click the link to the left for detailed instructions. Jan 2,
Contest Form Any company wishing to hold a prize give-away or contest of any kind at the Show, must complete and submit this form for approval. Jan 12, 2018
Other important documents:
Pre-show Checklist
ERS18 Directory of Services

Edmonton Expo Centre Venue Guide - Read important information regarding fire safety, safety & security, general rules, etc. 

If you plan on shipping any materials to the show , please ensure all pieces have a shipping label on them.


Proof of trade show insurance is mandatory for our shows. Coverage dates must include Move In and Move Out. We require a copy of your policy sent to Sarah to keep on file before January 12th.

Certificate of insurance form

We also require that we are on your policy as additional insured:
Marketplace Events LLC

MacLeod Place II
306, 5940 MacLeod Trail SW
Calgary, AB  T2H 2G4 

If this coverage is not part of your existing policy HUB International is happy to assist any exhibitors looking to purchase Show Insurance:
HKMB Insurance for Exhibitors ($125)


Click here for the Directory of Services

Edmonton EXPO Centre
2018 Edmonton Expo Centre Internet Order Forms

2018 ShowTECH Exhibitor Order Forms
2018 ShowTech Online Ordering 

Deadline for ShowTECH discount: January 10, 2018

Services Available:

  • Signage Hanging

  • Electrical

  • Ceiling Lighting

  • Floor Lighting

  • Plumbing

  • Compressed Air/Natural Gas

  • Telecommunications


2018 GES Package

Deadline for GES discount: January 5th, 2018

Services Available: 
  • Furnishings (tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Carpet & Under Padding
  • Specialty Furnishings
  • GEM Exhibits and Accessories (Booths)
  • Signs and Graphics
  • Plants
  • Installation & Dismantling Labour
  • In-Booth Forklift Service
  • AV Equipment/Services


Everything from guest tickets and banner installation, to show guide advertising. Click the link above to access the extra marketing application, fill out the form and email or fax back to your sales rep.

Web Button: Increase traffic to your website with our free online button linking your customers to discounted tickets to the show. Let us know when our button is posted on your website, and we will mail you 10 free tickets to the show. 
Deadline: January 5th, 2018

Follow These Easy Steps:
  1. Right click on button (below) and save
  2. Load image onto your website
  3. Set up hyperlink so jpg image links through to our Ticket Host: https://www.tix123.com/tix123/eTic.cfm?code=EMRNS18
  4. Email your website link to Keely along with your mailing address 
Web Button:



Move-In Schedule:
View your move-in times here!

Move-Out Hours
Sunday, January 28, 7PM - 10PM (one hour beginning at 6PM is needed for aisle carpet removal)
Monday, January 29, 8AM - 2PM

Individuals under the age of fifteen are prohibited to be on the show floor, or back of house areas during Move In, Move Out, or while heavy machinery is operating.


Order Online Parking HERE

Facility Services, Edmonton Expo Centre
Exhibitors must now purchase parking passes prior to Move In online, parking can be ordered here. As part of this change, we are requesting that all Show Management Staff, Exhibitors, Deliveries, etc. enter the grounds via 79th Street. **Cash is NOT accepted for parking services**

  • Note: Exhibitors MUST park in the West Lot or in the Angled Exhibitor Parking behind the halls - subject to availability.
  • Exhibitors MUST enter through the 79 St. & Borden Park Road entrance via 112th Ave. 
  • Parking Pass MUST be scanned upon both entry & exit. 
  • Parking Pass MUST be displayed and clearly visible on front dash at all times.



Edmonton Food Sales - Sampling Application Form
Alberta Health Services Vendor Notification
Alberta Health Services Vendor Package

Please note the following information:  
The following are required to fill out sales and sampling applications

  • Any vendor that is selling food or beverage meant for consumption on site
  • Any vendor that is sampling any kind of edible product

The following are required to notify Marketplace Events so that we can notify Alberta Health Services

  • All perishable items meant for consumption off site

The following are not required to fill out the sales and sampling application

  • Spices
  • Commercially packaged products i.e. jams, coffee, tea, non-hydrated soups, energy bars, weight loss products

Using propane? If so, you MUST abide by all parameters in the Northlands Propane Use Health & Safety Document 


Davidson & Sons are who we partner with for our customs brokerage and event logistics.  
Please click on the links below for any forms you may need.

** Coming Soon **
Edmonton Renovation Show - Canadian Customs Letter 
D&S Customs Clearance Services
D&S Shipping Services Kit


Matrix Hotel
10640 100 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 3N8

Discount Deadline:

Exhibitor Rate at Host Hotel - Coming soon
Discount Deadline: January 9, 2017


All exhibitors need to display their badge on show days to gain admittance to the show floor. 

Exhibitors are given the minimum number of badges allotted to their booth automatically (see chart below)  with no form needing to be filled out. If the number of badges needed for your staff doesn't exceed the amount shown below, then simply have your staff check in at the Exhibitor Help Desk during or before the show to receive their badge.

Please note that badges do not display exhibitor or company names on them but are dicut in the size of a standard business card for you to insert.

100 square feet = 6 free badges
200 square feet = 8 free badges
300 square feet = 10free badges
400 square feet = 12 free badges
Each additional 100 square feet gets an additional 2 badges.

If you need more than the number of badges allotted to your booth, then please fill out the Extra Exhibitor Badge Order Form before January 8th 2018 and we will have them ready for you at check in.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BADGES IN YOUR BOOTH as you need them to gain access to the show floor. Replacement badges are $10 each if lost, left at home, left in booth, a dog ate them etc. 


Each year, the Edmonton Renovation Show awards six exhibitors, each in a different category, for standing out from their competition and peers. The categories for the booth awards are listed below, accompanied by the criteria our panel of judges look for when selecting the winning booth and company. We value all of the hard work our exhibitors put in to create their displays and design their spaces and award those who go above and beyond to put their best foot forward.

Best In Show Regardless of size, this booth displays the most unique display and design of any other in the show.
Best Large Space
Best booth 400 square feet or larger
Best Medium Space
Best Booth between 200 - 399 square feet
Best Small Space
Best Booth between 100 - 199 square feet
Rookie of the Year Regardless of size, this brand new company has taken the initiative to design their space in a manner that truly sets them apart from other new companies.
Nailed it!
Regardless of size, this booth has just overall nailed it at the show!
 Best Marketing Partner  

Things we look for:

• Meeting basic booth standards/expectations – height, signage, flooring, layout, etc 
• Full floor covering (no subfloor, concrete or terracover exposed) and quality of floor covering 
• Hard wall display (not mandatory but helps in the presentation of a professional display)
• Signage and signage quality
• No exposed studs or wiring (inside and outside booth)
• Paint and paint quality – taking the time to edge, tape seams, make the paint job look professional
• Wall quality – no visible damage
• Creativity and thought evident in booth design

Booth & Exhibiting Tips
Booth Design Guidelines

Displays containing soil, mulch or similar materials must use a fire retardant protective coating such as plastic to protect the floor and all facility equipment. Please note that additional cleaning charges may apply. 

Any signs/objects over 20 lbs. must be pre-approved by ShowTECH. 


We have been made aware that companies claiming to be affiliated with Marketplace Events LLC, such as but not limited to: International Fairs Directory, Event-Fair (formerly Expo-Guide & FAIR Guide), Exhibition Housing Services - are reaching out to our exhibitors offering sponsorship items in exchange for (exhibiting) company information and/or banking/credit card information. These companies do not have any business relationship with Marketplace Events LLC, nor have we given them authorization to use our Show names or Show-related information. 

We strongly recommend that all exhibitors be extremely vigilant when it comes to giving your information to any company that you are not familiar with. If you have any questions about whether or not a company is warranted in reaching out to you regarding your participation in the Show(s), please don't hesitate to reach out to your Exhibit Sales Consultant


Michelle Hebenton, Exhibit Sales Consultant (Companies A - E)
MichelleH@mpeshows.com  1.866.941.0673 ext. 202

Bryan Andrews, Exhibit Sales Consultant (Companies F-P, #'s)
BryanA@mpeshows.com  1.866.941.0673 ext. 229

Alex Black, Exhibit Sales Consultant (Companies Q - Z)
AlexB@mpeshows.com  1.866.941.0673 ext. 213

Keely Olivier-Lintner, Sales Coordinator
KeelyOL@mpeshows.com 1.866.941.0673 ext. 214

Kristy Cairns, Sales Manager

KristyC@mpeshows.com  1.866.941.0673 ext. 209